Website Redesign - When to do it and what to consider.

Posted by StraightAd, 22 september 2014

When it comes to website redesign, this type of project falls in two big categories. First, there are the websites in need of a complete makeover. Secondly, there are websites which need a series of interface changes, but nothing radical. We will discuss both cases in this article.

Complete redesign

Generally, we recommend this type of service to the companies that either:

- have a really old website which doesn’t respect the latest standards
- don’t have a unitary and well established brand identity
- are changing their field of activity
- or are introducing new services or products

For instance, for this type of projects we will start from scratch, starting off with the (re)creation of the logo. We will carry on with the strategy, the structure and the approach. We’ll rethink every little aspect for a new and unique website.

Partial redesign

For those companies with a well established image or a very familiar functionality, major changes are not always recommended. Let’s take Facebook for example. When Facebook introduced the timeline, regardless of its new and improved functionality, the first interactions with the platform were very difficult, prompting a wave of aversion among users.

What to take into consideration when redesigning

* Defining your objectives
* Defining the target audience
* The approach. What’s the best way to address your target audience?
* Defining the structure.
* Defining the general identity elements (where needed)
* Content. Creating a coherent content marketing strategy based on the information presented in the previous steps.
* The design and development
* The promotion and SEO optimization

Tip! If some of your website pages are ranking well on the search engines, try to keep their URL intact or, if this is not possible, redirect the old URL towards the new one using the 301 attribute.