Business blogging - why do you have to do it?

Posted by StraightAd, 8 september 2014

As you are currently reading a company’s blog, we find it very appropriate and useful to talk about the business blogging concept and the benefits that come with it.

One thing is clear: the blog has become an indispensable part of any successful content marketing strategy. Out of the many benefits, we can mention visibility, brand awareness, search engine rankings etc. - all elements that will eventually help you increase the conversion rate.

Where do you start?

There is no proven recipe to guarantee you the success, just as there is no standard “beginning”. All you have to do is to try. Everything else you can learn on the way, by studying both statistics and readers’ reactions.


You know your business better than anyone, therefore you are the one who needs to decide what kind of subjects you will approach and how you are going to address the audience.
Test. Test. Test. Try different types of approach and follow closely the statistic data. You will then be able to see to which one of them your readers reacted best.

How should an article look like?

Of course, the way articles look depends on the company’s profile. However, we can offer you a short cheat sheet you can follow to make sure your articles are coherent and efficient.

1. The title - make sure the title is correct and compelling. It has to act as a hook, determining the reader to click on the article. Another very important aspect is to be honest and refrain from misleading titles. Instead, use something that actually reflects the content.

2. The introduction - In terms of behaviour, the Internet is a very different environment if compared to the printed media. On the Internet, the viewer’s attention span is very short (a few seconds), therefore, if he is not able to find something he’s interested in this short interval, he will leave the page. This is why the introduction is very important. Use the first paragraph to introduce the reader to the subject of the article, briefly explaining the idea. For the introduction to act like a hook as well, insert something catchy like a joke or an image, if your profile allows it.

3. Content - Establish the subject of your article from the very beginning. All the other information presented (besides the main information) should either have the role of example or argument to support the main idea.

4. Call to Action - The CTA depends, of course, on the purpose of the articles. For instance, if you are presenting a CSR campaign, the CTA could be an encouragement for the people to donate/spread the awareness. No article should be missing a proper call to action, even if this is just a stimulus to subscribe to your RSS feed.

Advertising and promotion!

Because you can’t do business without advertising. Make sure you share the article on all the appropriate channels, be they social media, email marketing etc.
This article is part of an informative series meant to help companies in their promotional and online branding efforts. Come back soon for more information!