Posted by StraightAd, 1 september 2014

First of all, let us extend you the appropriate „Welcome to our blog.” With this first article, all we want is two minutes of your time, to tell you in just a few words what kind of information you will further on read on this blog.

We don’t believe in aggressive marketing techniques, therefore we don’t plan on going on and on about how good we are and how great our services are. What we really want is for our visitors to feel better informed after finishing reading an article. We want to provide helpful insight, to help those of you who are passionate about (or at least interested in) our field. We will approach subjects like design, web development, online promotion, SEO and so much more.

And because we want you to get to know us better, occasionally we will also share with you what we’re up to as a team; we’ll invite you to see what’s happening in straightAD’s yard.

If we managed to spark your interest, we invite you to come back regularly for more articles. Thank you!

See you soon,
The straightAD team