Web Development

In our web development department there is no "it can't be done".
Even if sometimes projects prove to be different from everything we have done before, we always find new solutions. So, sure it can be done! We don't lack the experience, nor do we lack experts in the field. The websites that straightAD creates are not only pretty but also extremely functional.

We strongly value UX (User Experience). More than basic functionality and optimising the website for an easier navigation, we're mostly interested in a logical structure and a general pleasant on-site experience.


Our baby, straightCMS, is, undoubtedly, one of the achievements we are very proud of. This CMS (Content Management System) solution is designed to be the backbone of any website.

Compared to open-source applications, straightCMS has the following advantages:

Security - Naturally, because open source applications provide access to the source code, the websites built on their structure are prone to all kinds of attacks. Unlike these, straightCMS guarantees all the security protocols.

Flexibility - Because it is truly ours and we can do whatever we want with it, we will ensure that your site will have a CMS that will feature all the functionalities you need, without complicating the code with useless stuff.

Modularity - Closely related to the previous point, straightCMS is built on a modular system. We can always add or remove functionalities.

Development - Because we are perfectionists and we are always aiming higher and higher, we can never consider our CMS to be a final product. We are constantly coming up with methods to improve our services, but that's okay - it's called evolution.